The British Amateur Radio Teledata Group's Golden Jubilee 2009

In 1959, Arthur “Doc” Gee, G2UK and Bill Brennan, G3CQE – the first two UK amateurs to use RTTY on the HF bands, formed BARTG. In those days it was known as the British Amateur Radio Teletype Group, but the name later had to change to Teledata because of a copyright problem. The mode exploded and this year we are celebrating our 50th year, a record which we are very proud to publicise and commemorate with a special award. Unfortunately the two founder members are both SK now but their original efforts are much appreciated by thousands of amateurs.

BARTG now encompasses all data modes and long gone are the nostalgic days of oily machinery, paper spewed out all over the shack and noise, sometimes unbearable after a 24 hour contest. These have been replaced with computer based equipment. However, the distinctive sound of “jingle bells” will never change and is now more popular than ever, and still the most prevalent of the data modes.
To commemorate this occasion BARTG used a special call, GB50ATG, from July 1, 2009 until June 30, 2010. The following table details the activity over the year.

Operating Schedule for special event call-sign:

Date Operator Date Operator
July 09 G3LDI January 10 M5AEX
August 09 G1XKZ February 10 GW4SKA
September 09 GW4SKA March 10 G3LDI
October 09 M5AEX April 10 GW4SKA
November 09 G3LDI May 10 G1XKZ
December 09 M5AEX June 10 G6CSY

QSL via M5AEX and LoTW 

Station details: 

G3LDI - Roger J Cooke
The Old Nursery. The Drift, Swardeston, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 8LQ
FT1000MP, linear, 4-el Steppir at 110ft, rhombic, plus wires
All HF bands
GW4SKA - John Barber
Llwyn Onn, 49 Blackmill Road, Bryncethin, Bridgend, CF32 9YN
Yaesu FT1000D, 4CX1000 amp, verticals and wires
All HF bands
G1XKZ - Arthur Bard
9 Linden Road, Oak Park, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 1TE 
Higain 3750,   Multiband vertical plus wires 
All HF bands
G6CSY - Graeme Caselton
Orpington, Kent
G8GNI, M5AEX - Andrew Thomas
Dame School House, 103 High Street,  Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, MK11 1AT
IC756 pro, ACOM 1000 linear, Steppir dipole (20-10); wire dipoles (40 and 30); Butternut HF2V 80m vertical
All HF bands

There is an award scheme with wall plaques, certificates and special QSL cards to be won, and we look forward to as many amateurs and SWL as possible taking part. More details can be found here.

Check out a sample QSL card here: we look forward to receiving your QSL card soon!