Roger J. Cooke  G3LDI
I was first licensed in 1956. I'm a retired video/TV Technician and as a pianist/keyboard player
I ran my own band for 40 years playing the Mecca circuit, summer seasons and Clubs.

My first venture in RTTY was in 1962 with a Creed 7B. I worked 132 countries and entered several contests in those days, operating with my home brew SSB exciter and home brew linear, running a pair of 813's and a home brew 3 el beam for 20 metres and a Mosley Elan for 15/10 metres stacked above. I used FSK on the VFO and in those days 850Hz or 850c/s shift.

Now I run MMTTY for DX working on a PC for RTTY and MMVARI or DIGIPAN for PSK. For RTTY/PSK contesting I use N1MM +.
I use a Yaesu FT2000 driving a linear when needed.
Antennas: 4-el SteppIr at 110ft, 4 wavelength per leg on 20 metres rhombic, plus dipoles etc.

I  run a DX Cluster, GB7RDX, using the CC-CLuster software with access via Telnet. Please use this address: Port 7000

I'm a keen RTTY contester using N1MM with MMTTY on a PC running XP. I also write for PW, Radcom and and have a regular RTTY column in the CDXC magazine. I am the co-ordinator for the RSGB GB2CW Morse Transmission Service, and Programme Secretary for the Norfolk ARC.

Roger Cooke, G3LDI

Roger Cooke joined the committee in 2002. His remit was to provide technical advice. However, he was persuaded by Dick, G3URA, to become Chairman from January 2005.