Friends of BARTG

Between 3rd March and 8th June 2016 we had a problem with our Application Form. If you applied during that period and have not heard from us then please re-apply.

Anyone with an interest in amateur radio datacoms is invited to apply to be a Friend of BARTG. There is no charge. We send a "Welcome" email to every new Friend and show them in the list below.

Are you already a Friend or Member?
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List of BARTG Members and Friends
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This list was produced on 22nd March 2017 by G4EAN.
The most recent entry was 9257, issued on 22nd March 2017 to 2E0OXF.
This List is in callsign sequence. If you hold, or have held, more than one callsign then you should check for each of them. You can Scroll down or Search this list.
The most recent updates will appear below, ahead of being added to the List.
Please send corrections and questions to G4EAN.

If you are a lapsed member of BARTG then please let us know your original BARTG number (a scan of your membership card would be helpful) and we may be able to re-issue it to you.

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Here are our most recent new / updated Friends.

Callsign Name BARTG no.    Joined
2E0OXF Alex 9257 22/03/2017
G8NOP Pip 9258 27/03/2017
M6IGP Jeremy 9259 29/03/2017
IU4CHE Giorgio 9260 29/03/2017
G4KHX Paul 9261 05/04/2017
KI4FRU Thomas 9262 07/04/2017
5B4AJG Richard 9263 15/04/2017
GM3MZX Mario 9264 26/04/2017

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