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If you want to dispose of, sell or obtain any amateur radio datacoms related equipment then you are welcome to advertise here. Please email your advert to BARTG and remember to include contact details in your advert.

Adverts will usually be on this page for two months. We'd appreciate the advertiser letting us know if the advert is no longer needed before the two months has elapsed. Advertisers also need to let us know if they want the advert to be on display after it has reached its expiry date.

Advertisers should take care to satisfy themselves
that any offer they accept is genuine.

Wanted - Creed 6S/6M tape reader 

Rex G8UBJ has acquired a Creed 75 teleprinter and is now hoping to find a 6S/6M tape reader.

In the first instance please contact Rex by email to G8UBJ.IO91UJ@GMAIL.COM

Advert placed on Sunday 1st October and expires on 1st December 2017.

For sale - Telereader CWR-685E,
keyboard KB685E and cable

Terry G3RKF has a Telereader for sale on behalf of the North Cheshire Amateur Radio Club. He writes:

Telereader CWR-685E with orig keyboard KB685E and cable.
Encode/decode. Unmarked and recently tested. Used for only an hour or two over the years.
Surplus to NCARC G0BAA, requirements.
No manual.
Will be well packed and shipped by courier, or come see it on Sundays at the club in Wilmslow.
Rare item imho. £250.

Contact Terry G3RKF qthr, in SK9, IO83VH.
Email in first instance.

Advert placed on Tuesday 29th August 2017 and expires on 29th October 2017.

==== Teleprinters Wanted ====

G4EAN writes:

Teleprinters are STILL wanted. There seems to be a shortage of teleprinters (particularly Creed machines suitable for amateur radio use). There is an increasing interest in amateur radio RTTY using teleprinters rather than computers. 
This month (August 2017) I have heard of three teleprinters (a Creed 75 and two Creed 444 machines) offered for sale and there seems to be five or six people interested in them.
If you have a teleprinter suitable for amateur radio use and you no longer use it then please consider finding a new home for it.

You are welcome to advertise your teleprinter on this page. This page exists primarily to find new homes for unused teleprinters and other datacoms equipment. There is no charge to advertise on this page; BARTG's reward is to hear that a teleprinter has found a new home and - hopefully - comes back onto the air.

To place an advert please contact

Advert placed on Saturday 19th August 2017.

New advert coming soon?

An advert on this page could be finding a new home for your unwanted datacoms equipment. It could be finding datacoms equipment that you want.

To place an advert please contact

Advert placed on Friday 7th February 2014 and expires on 7th April 2099.

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